Lanford Wilson kept many photographs of the production of his plays all around the world, sent to him by the theatre companies and friends. He has written a very short description on their backs, although some of them are not yet identified. Stage and costume designers have benefited from these photographs, thus preserving the essence of the original production at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. The MU production of the Rimers of Eldritch has benefited a great deal from these photographs, both Ron Naverson, the scenic designer and costume designer, Marc Vital have used the simple design elements of the original production at La MaMa, based on these photos, they have also added some contemporary flavor and their own unique vision in theirs designs for this MU production.   Wilson notes specific instances of moving from platform to platform in the play, having directed the original show himself, and he also specifies in the text where lighting and the use of simple props are most effective.  Many of these cues, offered by the playwright himself, have been used in the MU Theatre production.


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