The letters that Lanford Wilson kept are part the very first series in Lanford Wilson Collection. Most of the letters are incoming letters and postcards from friends and family; moreover, contracts with his talent agents, publishing companies, different producing venues that Lanford Wilson tried during his career are among the materials kept in these series. Correspondence is a subjective source for historians and scholars to delve deeper in the lives of people and obtain a better understanding of their psyche. While a theatre aficionados can read and enjoy the postcards Lanford received from friends and colleges, a historian can read the contracts and letters between Lanford Wilson and publishing companies and his agents and produce knowledge on play publishing and production policies in the late 1960s and early 1970s.   In particular, letters from Jim Bohan, an agent at Ashley Famous Agency demonstrates Wilson’s tenacious attempts to build a professional career as a playwright, as Wilson had not received any money for his early work at the Caffé Cino.


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