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Fragmenta Manuscripta

This exhibit was curated by Nicole…


Science of Love


 Love has many faces. Traditionally depicted in art as a rosy-cheeked boy with blond curls, love appears throughout Western literary history in various guises, sometimes violent, sometimes playful, sometimes mysterious, sometimes beneficent. To Hesiod, Eros – the Greek for love…


Many Happy Returns: An Exhibit in Celebration of Assorted Anniversaries

In 2016, Ellis Library celebrated its 100th birthday, but it turns out that we were not the only ones with an important anniversary that year! This exhibit brings together a selection of items associated with the most important literary anniversaries celebrated in 2016, including the deaths of two literary giants—Miguel de…



Life and Letters in the Ancient Mediterranean

The world of the ancient Mediterranean is both strange and familiar. It is a world removed from us by thousands of years, but a world whose influence on everything from art and science to literature and philosophy has been profound and enduring.

This exhibit brings together the strangeness and familiarity of the ancient past,…

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Engraved Throughout: An Exhibition of Wholly Engraved Books

Engraving is an intaglio method of printing in which the text or image to be reproduced is incised into a copper plate. This copper plate is then covered with ink and wiped clean, leaving the ink only in the incised grooves. A sheet of paper is placed on top of the plate and the paper and plate are then passed through a rolling press, which…



Winds of Change

We talk about the weather when we have nothing else to say. When the weather is unpredictable or unusual for a significant period of time, we talk about climate change. A strong majority of scientists today believe that global climate change is occurring, and that it is caused by human activity. However, we have to…

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Vesalius at 500

Born in 1514 in modern-day Belgium, Vesalius studied at the Universities of Louvain, Paris, and Padua before becoming a professor of anatomy and surgery at the University of Padua. His primary contribution to the history of medicine was his emphasis on dissection and firsthand observation. Vesalius differed from his colleagues because…

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Kindred Kingdoms

Complex interrelations with kin have been a subject of lore and literature since time immemorial.

National folklore, classical mythology, and literary works are full of enthralling stories of familial lineage. Kinship became…

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