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The Rare Book Collection is diverse. Holdings span the eighth to the twentieth centuries and include early manuscripts and manuscript fragments, printed books, periodicals, pamphlets, and broadsides. The collection contains important first editions of classical authors and authors of world importance, limited editions, association copies, and autographed copies in addition to works deemed rare by virtue of age.

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Io. Baptistæ Portæ neapolitani De hvmana physiognomonia, libri III : ad Aloysivm Card. Estens em.
This is one of the earliest works on physiognomy which was of considerable influence on succeeding generations of scientists including Lavater. This edition is one of only three to contain the original copper engraved illustrations. Some of the…

Kellogg&#039;s jungle book.<br />
[8] p. : all col. ill. ; 24 cm.

Jungle book, 2nd<br />
238 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.

Historia animalium. Liber 1-2. German
[4], CLXXII leaves : ill. (woodcuts) ; 41 cm.

De natura aquatilium carmen<br />
135 (i.e. 137) : ill., port. ; 21 cm.

150 leaves : illustrations

[32], 1495, [56] p. : ill. ; 37 cm.

Symbolorum et emblematum centuriae tres : I. Ex herbis &amp; stirpibus. II. Ex animalibus quadrupedibus. III. Ex volatilibus &amp; insectis.
Edited by the author's son, Ludwig Camerarius, who has supplied a general dedicatory epistle, dated 31 Jan. 1605, a general note to the reader, a note at the end of Centuria 3, and a special dedicatory epistle for Centuria 4.
The engravings are by…

Symbolorv̄ et emblematvm ex ... centvria ... collecta / Ioachimo Camerario ...
Contents: centvria 1. Ex re herbaria -- centvria altera [i.e. 2]. Ex animalibvs quadrvpedibvs -- centvria 3. Ex volatilibvus et insectis -- centvria 4. Ex aqvatilibus et reptilibvs.
Work lacks collective t.p.
Originally published:…

De Indiae utriusque re naturali et medica libri quatuordecim
Contents: Piso, W. I. De aëribus, aquis, & locis; II. De natura & cura morborum, Occidentali Indiæ, imprimis Brasiliæ, familiarium; III. De animalibus, aquatilibus, volatilibus, & terrestribus, edulibus; IV. De arboribus, fructibus, & herbis…

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